Bengalurubased JIFFY.AI B2B 53M Series Eight

Company NameFund RaisedLed ByCEO/Co-FounderValuation
JIFFY.AI$53M Eight Roads VenturesBabu Sivadasan$550M+

Bengaluru-based Jiffy.AI JunePathakEntrackr B2B 53M Series

No-code automation startup, Bengaluru-based Jiffy.AI raised $53 million led by Eight Roads Ventures in a series B round. The co-investors were  R-Squared, Nexus Venture Partners, Iron Pillar, and Reaction & Rebright Partners.

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CEO Babu Sivadasan confirmed TheCasinoAdvice that the raised funds will be used on no-code workflow management, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and IDP (Intelligent Document Processing).

Moreover, Jiffy.AI is used by market leaders like Fortune Global 500.

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