Blockdaemon 28m Series Blockfi Lending Sachs

Blockdaemon is an infrastructure-leading platform that links Businesses and Blockchains. It provides node operations and infrastructure tooling, including early testing, staking/reporting, and APIs for developers. 

Company NameCEOFund RaiseLed ByNo. of Investors
BlockdaemonKonstantin Richter$28 MGreenspring Associates 4+

Blockdaemon 28m series Blockfi lending Goldman

Blockdaemon, a node management startup company announced the fundraising of $28 million in a Series A round which was led by Greenspring Associates. The other participants named- BlockFi Lending LLC, Warburg Serres, Voyager Digital Ltd., Hard Yaka, Goldman Sachs, Uphold Inc., and Illuminate Financial

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The company will use this fund to add capital for the growth of its company. They plan to use strategic acquisitions to quicken their growth in the future. 

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