Invicti Security 625m Summit Partners Netsparker

Invicti Security ensures the safety of web applications and helps enterprise organizations to keep their numerous websites secure from cyber attacks. Netsparker and Acunetix product lines help organizations to scan for vulnerabilities in their web footprint through the company’s software. 

Company Name InvestmentLed ByRecent CEO/Co-Founder
Invicti Security$625MSummit PartnersMichael George 

Invicti Security has signed a $625M investment agreement which is reported to be led by Summit Partners. The previous investors Turn/River Capital also joined Summit Partners in this round. 

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Invicti Security 625m Summit Partners Invicti

Ferruh Mavituna, the founder and CEO of Invicti Security who led that round, intended to use the funding for company initiatives of product development and to expand their growth. The company develops such products that will help enterprises to effectively secure their websites from data breaches and other such threats. 

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