Israelbased Talon Cyber 26mtrabelsy

Company NameCEOFund RaiseLed ByNo of Investors
Talon Cyber SecurityOfer Ben Noon$26 MOfer Ben Noon (CEO) and Ohad Bobrov (CTO)3+

Talon Cyber Security 26mtrabelsy

Talon Cyber Security, an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv that offers solutions for cyber security for the distributed workforce, has raised $26M in seed money. The round was led by its CEO, Ofer Ben Noon, and CTO, Ohad Bodrov with Backers like Team8, Cyber Angel Investors, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Serial Entrepreneur Zohar Zisapel. 

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The goal of the company is to expand the development team and advance its technology with the help of money raised in funding. 

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