Juno Journey AI 19M Series

Company NameFund RaisedLed ByCEO/Co-FounderValuation
Juno Journey$19M Insight PartnersDor Nachshoni$300M+

Juno Journey AI Series Insight

AI platform for employees, Juno Journey raised $19 million led by Insight Partners and co-led by VC Cerca and 10D Ventures in series A.

In an interview CEO, Dor Nachshoni told that use the funds to accelerate growth and expand marketing in the US.

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Moreover, CTO Ofer Ben Attar of Juno Journey said that we offer customizes learning experiences for employees and management. The company has active Clients like  Monday.com, Cellebrite, and others.

Juno has 50 employees and working on hiring more force. 

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