Milan Based Scalapay 155m Series

Company NameFund RaisedLed ByCEO/Co-FounderValuation
Scalapay$155MTiger GlobalSimone Mancini $700M

Scalapay is growing with its payment solution which lets the customers Buy Now and Pay Later and there is no interest to be paid. The company succeeded in closing the funding to $155M with a valuation of $700M. It was led by Tiger Global and we saw the participation of Ithaca Investments, Fasanara Capital, Woodson Capital & Baleen Capital. 

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The CEO of Scalapay Simone Mancini has intentions to grow the market and expand the services internationally with the introduction of new products that would help the merchants in several fields. They made shopping easy for e-commerce merchants where they can now buy the products and pay in installments with no added interest. 

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