theScore Bet Discontinued US Operations To Expand Canada Operations

Company NameCEO/Co-FounderValuation
theScore Bet Jay Snowden $1 B+

theScore Bet Canada units show declined profits and cash burn. After the news theScore Bet announced it fold and stop all operations in the US to focus on its Canadian Market. 

CEO Jay Snowden said in an interview that they have a stronghold in the Canadia Online Betting Industry but due to US expansion, they stop looking into Canadian operations which led to the downfall of the company.

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We will soon come to the US market after settling all the Canadian business. It is just a matter of months before we fold all operations in the US market but all the customer can withdraw their money to their respective bank accounts without any charges.

We have more than 180 employees in all respective fields with 500,000 organic unique visitors per month. COO, Benjie Levy said that this move will prove to be more valuable once we mark growth again in the Canadian market. 

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