What is The Legal Age For Gambling & Casino in US & UK?

The most asked question on the internet is what is the legal age to go to the casino. As there are so many casinos in different jurisdictions in US & UK with different legal ages.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the famous gambling hubs in US and UK:

What is The Legal Age For Gambling & Casino in US & UK

The legal age for gambling in US is 18-21 at various places. Below is the exact detail of betting, with age and place.

Legal Gambling in the USASports BettingPokerCasino
Alabama (USA)212121
Alaska (USA)212121
Arizona (USA)212121
Arkansas (USA)182121
California (USA)181818
Colorado (USA)182121
Connecticut (USA)182121
Delaware (USA)1718-2121
Florida (USA)181821
Georgia (USA)181818 (on cruise ships)
Hawaii (USA)212121
Idaho (USA)181818
Illinois (USA)182121
Indiana (USA)182121
Iowa (USA)212121
Kansas (USA)212121
Kentucky (USA)181818
Louisiana (USA)182121
Maine (USA)182121
Maryland (USA)182121
Massachusetts (USA)182121
Michigan (USA)181818
Minnesota (USA)181818
Mississippi (USA)182121
Missouri (USA)182121
Montana (USA)181818
Nebraska (USA)182121
Nevada (USA)212121
New Hampshire (USA)211821
New Jersey (USA)182121
New Mexico (USA)182121
New York (USA)182121
North Carolina (USA)2121
North Dakota (USA)1818-2118-21
Ohio (USA)1818-2118-21
Oklahoma (USA)181818
Oregon (USA)181821
Pennsylvania (USA)182121
Rhode Island (USA)182121
South Dakota (USA)181818 (at tribal casinos)
South Carolina (USA)181821 (on cruise ships)
Tennessee (USA)212121
Texas (USA)212121
Utah (USA)212121
Vermont (USA)212121
Virginia (USA)181821
Washington (USA)181818
West Virginia (USA)182121
Wisconsin (USA)212121
Wyoming (USA)182121

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Legal Age for Gambling At Famous Place

PlaceSports BettingPokerCasino
Hong Kong and Macau182118

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Can I Bet or Gamble Before Legal Age

Gambling before legal age is a punishable offence. If you are not 21 you can find various casino in whic you can bet on 18 year of age.

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